Can a White Man Speak to Black Americans?

Dr. Michael Brown has worked hard to understand the plight of Black Americans. (Charisma News archives)
Dr. Michael Brown has worked hard to understand the plight of Black Americans. (Charisma News archives)

For more than six years now, I have used my daily talk radio show to facilitate dialogue on difficult and divisive issues, asking my listeners to shoot straight with me just as I do with them, even saying at times, “Let’s commit to speaking the truth to each other even if it means offending one another. Otherwise, how can we make progress in our understanding?”

We have done this numerous times when it comes to race issues in America, wading into dangerous and controversial waters with the commitment to learn from each other and grow closer together in the Lord, knowing that what unites us in Jesus is far greater than anything that divides us. (Having worked with ethnic churches around the globe for decades, our profound unity in Jesus is readily apparent.)

Over the years, I have had countless African Americans thank me for tackling these issues on radio and in writing, and they have encouraged me to keep the dialogue going, which is something I am determined to do.

At the same time, reading some responses to my last article, “A Public Appeal to Lebron James,” I was reminded of just how far we have to go to deepen our trust.

Will you allow me to speak freely and openly?

In response to my appeal to Lebron, one commenter respectfully stated that, “Dr. Brown could be a tremendous blessing for all Americans if he used his show, writing and mission to help white people understand that their sons are treated very differently by the police than the sons of black mothers and fathers.”

But that is the very thing I have been doing for years. Absolutely!

For example, in my article, “The George Zimmerman Trial in Black and White,” I created a fictional dialogue between a black man and a white man, beginning with the black man saying, “Once again, an African American is deprived of justice. How many more times must this happen before things change? A black teenager on his way home from the store with Skittles is shot dead by an overzealous community watchdog. A jury with 5 white women and one Hispanic woman exonerates the killer so he can walk away scot free. This is 21st century America? This is justice?”

As the fictional dialogue intensified, the black man urged the white man, to “talk to some African Americans over a cup of coffee – don’t worry, they won’t try to mug you or steal your wallet – and ask them to tell you about their world, about corrupt cops and morally bankrupt judges, about parents being beaten in front of their children’s eyes without consequence, about the seething frustration black Americans have lived with for decades – no, centuries – and then you would understand why we are so outraged today.”

Are you going to tell me that, as a white man, I don’t get it?

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Michael Brown

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