Stephanie Price Buchanan, Daughter of Apostle Frederick and Dr. Betty Price, Pens First Novel

Stephanie Price Buchanan Pens First Novel
Stephanie Price Buchanan

Stephanie Price Buchanan has enjoyed creative writing since childhood. As an imaginative third-grader, she wrote short stories and in middle school, she discovered a gift for poetry. Throughout her teens, she continued to write stories with the end goal of penning a book.

After graduation from Inglewood High School, she responded to a calling to work with her parents, Apostle Frederick and Dr. Betty Price, at Crenshaw Christian Center. Later, she also became married and had three beautiful children.  Yet, the desire to write a book never left her.

This year, her dream became reality with the release of her first publication, ‘Getting to the Heart of It: A Complicated Romance.’  The book is love story that Price-Buchanan describes as, “Girl meets boy, sparks fly and then there’s all the drama trying to keep them apart.”

The novel follows the relationship of Alicia, a single mom and divorcee, who also manages a community center as well as a floral business on the side, with Josh, a single dad and soccer coach.

“Love is on the horizon, but they encounter some bumps along the way with exes, Rick and Eleanor, constantly complicating things. Alicia has her family, best friend and a community of characters to support her as she gets to the heart of what love and standing by someone really means,” explained Price-Buchanan.

In addition to writing a good book, Price-Buchanan’s wanted her novel to send an uplifting message.

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Source – LA Sentinel

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