Ted Cruz Criticizes Obama/Clinton Foreign Policy: Enemies Don’t Fear Us, Friends Don’t Trust Us

Senator Ted Cruz.
Senator Ted Cruz.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz had a few choice words to say Wednesday afternoon in the nation’s capital about the rift America has made with its allies and the lack of respect it receives from its enemies —due to failed foreign policy under the Obama and Clinton administrations.

“One of the sad legacies we’ve seen over the last six years is the fraying of friendships and alliances across the world,” Cruz proclaimed at the Heritage Foundation’s 9th Margaret Thatcher Freedom Lecture. “Today, the consequences of the Obama/Clinton foreign policy is that our friends no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us. That is profoundly dangerous for America and is profoundly dangerous for the world.”

Cruz went on to criticize President Barack Obama’s failed approach of seeking to ameliorate things between America and two of its staunchest enemies — Iran and Russia. The senator brought up how Obama was shamefully caught on video in 2012 when he thought the cameras were no longer rolling — promising a Russian “henchman” (then Russian President Dmitri A. Medvedev) that after he won his second term in America’s presidential elections, he would have “greater flexibility” to make concessions in regards to weakening our missile defense against Russia and compromise American security.

“Can you imagine President Reagan — can you imagine Lady Thatcher — uttering such words?” Cruz mused before the audience.

Treating enemies like friends and friends like enemies?

Then Cruz switched gears to the President’s dealings with Iran and its impending nuclear program, which it has already vowed to use to wipe what it calls “The Great Satan” (America) and “The Little Satan” (Israel) off the face of the earth. The Texan assured the crowd that when (not if) Iran gets it hands on nuclear weapons, America and the rest of the world will end up paying dearly for Obama’s failed and weak dealings with the straight-armed Islamic Republic.

Cruz said that in order to change the course of history and avoid catastrophic nuclear attacks from the Middle Eastern rogue nation, America needs to get tough and stop working to pacify its enemies or slap them on the wrist with meaningless sanctions.

“We should declare the nuclear negotiations a failure,” Cruz insisted. “With Iran, we need more stick and a whole lot less carrot.”

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SOURCE: OneNewsNow.com
Michael F. Haverluck

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