WATCH: Christian Apologist Dianna Newman Talks Feminism, Christian Oppression of Women on “One Minute Apologist” Program

Apologist Dianna Newman

Dianna Newman holds an Hon. B.Sc. with a double major in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Toronto, and an M.A. from Southern Evangelical Seminary, in Apologetics and Philosophy.

Dianna’s passion is to help equip college and university students defend their faith while on the secular campus or in the marketplace; as a member of TEAM, she travels both nationally and internationally to speak at universities, churches, women’s conferences, and community events.

Dianna is a member of the speaking team for the International Society of Women in Apologetics (ISWA).

Dianna’s Speaking Topics Include:

  • Christian Apologetics: Why It Matters
  • The Knowability of History
  • Abortion as a Human Rights Issue: Discussing Both Sides of the Debate
  • Christianity and Islam: Knowing the Essential Differences
  • Woman in Christianity and Islam
  • Christianity and the New Age

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