Ava DuVernay, Director of ‘Selma’, Calls Emails by Sony Executives ‘Sickening and Sad’

Director of 'Selma' Calls Emails by Sony Executives 'Sickening and Sad'

On the same day that she became the first black woman to receive a Golden Globe nomination for best director, “Selma” filmmaker Ava DuVernay took a moment to remark on the controversial email exchange that, for some, has highlighted a dispiriting lack of progress in some of the higher echelons of Hollywood.

“I have two words: sickening and sad,” DuVernay told Variety at Thursday night’s Washington, D.C., premiere of “Selma.” “That’s really all I have to say.”

The director was referring to one of many conversations between producer Scott Rudin and Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chair Amy Pascal that were made public as a result of the massive Sony hack attack by Guardians of Peace, a group protesting the upcoming release of the studio’s North Korea-skewering satire “The Interview.” In the exchange in question, Pascal and Rudin traded quips about President Obama’s movie tastes — which, the two speculated, might run toward the likes of “Django Unchained,” “12 Years a Slave,” “The Butler” and the comedies of Kevin Hart.

A later version of that conversation might well have included mention of “Selma,” which re-creates the 1965 voting-rights marches led by Martin Luther King Jr. in heavily segregated Alabama. On Thursday morning, the much-lauded Paramount release picked up Golden Globe nominations not only for DuVernay’s direction but also for picture and best actor for David Oyelowo for his portrayal of King.

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