Pharrell Williams Receives Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame


To say Pharrell Williams had a “happy” day would be an understatement. The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter-producer received star number 2,537 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday.

Williams told the crowd of friends, family and fans that the honor left him humbled, but he made sure to thank those who first inspired him to follow his musical dreams: his music teachers.

“You can have talent, and you can have skill, but if you don’t have the people to nurture you and support your creativity, it means nothing,” Williams said. “And it often, in most cases, is wasted.”

Comedian and friend Ellen DeGeneres helped honor Williams at the ceremony. DeGeneres revealed that she didn’t write an official speech for the event, but instead, a poem.

“I thought if I write a poem he could possibly write a song out of it and we could both make money,” DeGeneres joked.

That drew a big laugh from the crowd, but the daytime talk show host got serious when talking about her good friend.

“You have made such an imprint on music and on people’s lives,” she said. “It’s not just because you are a brilliant singer, songwriter, and musician, it’s because you are a kind soul. There is only one Pharrell and I am so proud and lucky to call him my friend.”

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