WATCH: Pastor John P. Kee Slams Fellow Preacher on Social Media Who Criticized Him for Having (Formerly?) Homosexual Singer Tonex at West Angeles COGIC


What did they say? We aren’t sure, but whoever upset Pastor John P. Kee felt his wrath on social media.

The award-winning gospel artist slammed a fellow preacher that criticized his choice to feature Anthony “Tonex” Clark, who came out as gay in 2009, on a live set in Los Angeles.

According to a December 5 social media post, the 52-year-old industry veteran claimed he read “ugly commentary a preacher wrote about me” surrounding an occurrence during a Nov. 28 appearance at West Angeles COGIC, pastored by Bishop Charles Blake.

Kee was in the middle of serenading the audience, when he called the vocally talented Clark onto the platform—a move that landed him in the center of controversy.

“Normally if it’s about me personally, I laugh and keep it moving but in this climate of Church Discouragement I felt the need to respond!” said the “Life & Favor” songwriter.

Kee said of Clark, whom he has known for more than 25 years, whatever his choices, “has been and always will be a son of mine.”

Furthermore, Kee, whose career spans more than three decades said he was “honored to have him in fellowship with me in LA.”

Last August, recording artist Dorinda Clark-Cole of the legendary Clark Sisters was also greeted with derision when she posted an image doing a holy dance alongside Clark at her 15th annual “Singers, Musicians & Arts Conference” in Ohio.

Clark-Cole wrote on Facebook, We will continue to pray for our brother that God will keep him in perfect peace.”

She pointed out that, “Everyone goes through, heartaches, pain and wrong doings, but we serve a God that sits high and looks low, we know him to be a healer and a deliver, so with that being said, is that we will pray and continue to uplift my brother.”

Kee, unlike Clark-Cole, was not as tender with his response.

“Beloved, Im [sic] not from your religious cupcake rooms where you prophecy [sic] on stage and do as you please when the cameras are not on! I’m concerned as to what the role of the new age Church really is,” he said. “Is it deliverance we really seek Or are we still trying to create a body of religious Sadducees and Pharisees that kiss up to our denominational __________?”

There is no question regarding what goes in that blank, is there?

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine

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