Another Missing Black Female Doctor — This One Found Alive After 4 Days; Said Residency Was Too Much

Doctor Fehintola Omidele has reappeared after being missing for several days. (Facebook)
Doctor Fehintola Omidele has reappeared after being missing for several days. (Facebook)

Twenty-five-year-old Fehintola Omidele was found alive in El Campo on Sunday after she was reported missing on Dec. 3.

Crews were out looking for her today when they heard the good news.

A Walmart employee tells Local 2 she was having lunch at the Subway inside the store when the missing doctor approached her and asked to borrow her cellphone.

The employee didn’t recognize her as the missing woman.

Omidele had called her sister to tell the family where she was.

Omidele was first reported missing a week ago after she never showed up for work. Her car, cellphone and purse were gone too. Omidele is a pediatrics resident physician who was interning at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Her family continued to search for her and cameras captured the moments after Omidele’s father was told his daughter was found safely.

“I can’t describe that,” Sejuh Omidele said. “I mean there are no words to describe that. This is just unbelievable. It’s unbelievable in our own eyes as human beings but this is just one of those things that is ordinary for Jesus to do.”

It was an unexpected twist to an already puzzling story.

Omidele’s father said she is now home safe and the family isn’t ready to speak to the media because they’re trying to figure out how and why she disappeared.

The Walmart employee says the woman told her the pressure of residency was just too much to handle.


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