Alleged Scam Artist Pretends to Be Pastor Craig Groeschel on Facebook

Craig Groeschel

An apparent scam in the metro involves bizarre Facebook messages that appear to be sent from Craig Groeschel, the senior pastor of Life Church.

The message is a request for money.

The more that woman spoke to the person posing as pastor Craig, the more she realized it was all a scam.

She says he was asking for money for an African orphanage, and that her salvation depended on it.

With Life Church locations around the state and streaming online, Pastor Craig Groeschel is a familiar face to many.

Beth Gentry thought she’d found him on Facebook.

“They send you people they suggest be friends, and Craig Groeschel was on there. And I thought, wow, and I was surprised because I figured his friends would be maxed out being the person that he is, so I went ahead and sent a friend request to him,” Gentry said.

It didn’t take long for him to send her a message, asking if he could pray for her.

“He sent this really beautiful prayer and some scriptures, and I was like thank you, and then he was like I had this revelation. Can you send me several hundred dollars to an orphanage in Africa?” Gentry said.

That’s when red flags went up.

He told her his PR people would get in touch with her if she’d give him her phone number.

He said her salvation depends on how much money she sent him.

“I said, ‘well I think it’s a scam, and he’s like well you’re not worthy of being called a Christian, and me and my family will pray for you and we’ll be preaching about you from the pulpit on Sunday,’” Gentry said.

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Abby Broyles

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