Ben Carson Calls the Presidency a ‘Horrible, Stressful Situation’

Fox News Cut Ties with Ben Carson After Learning About his Political Ad-Documentary 'A Breath of Fresh Air'

Respected neurosurgeon and conservative activist Dr. Ben Carson is heavily weighing a presidential run. He’s recently noted that he feels the “fingers of God pushing me to run in 2016.”

But the man of God wants to be sure. And he’s still not sure, as evidenced in a recent interview with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.

Candidly acknowledging the downside of being president, Carson said, the presidency is a “kind of horrible situation” for a person to be in.

“I’m not sure that anybody wants to put themselves into that kind of horrible, stressful situation. It certainly has not been a goal of mine,” Carson said in response to a question from Blitzer on Wednesday.

Carson said he would make a decision on whether to run by May 2015 and acknowledged that supporters and volunteers are already in the field in primary-battleground states such as Iowa.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Mark Andrews

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