Dr. Judy McAllister Wants to Fix Your Praise Team


Fix My Praise Team is a NEW addition to the International Worship Summit Educational Division!

It offers an up-close & personal developmental practicum for your entire praise team and band with Dr. Judy McAllister and other respected worship leaders. This exclusive opportunity includes its own class sessions, as well as a unique opportunity to present your worship ministry, following which you will receive VALUABLE constructive feedback to develop your praise team!

Registration Includes:

A. One (1) Pre-Conference Consultation with the Assigned Mentor

B. Personalized Praise Team Ministry Opportunity during the Fix My Praise Team Session

C. Customized Team Improvement Plan from the Assigned Mentor with Remarks from Other Panelists

D. Box Lunch- Thursday and Friday

COST IS $150 Per Person (MIN of 5 Registrants must come from same ministry)

Click here for more.

SOURCE: Gospel Heritage

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