Microsoft Buys Acompli for $200 Million to Boost Outlook’s Mobile Advantage


Microsoft has acquired the mobile email startup Acompli, the tech giant announced today on its website.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the tech news site Re/code reports that Microsoft paid over $200 million.

Acompli makes an email client for Android and iOS designed to make common but sometimes complex tasks—such sorting messages, sending typical responses, and finding attachments—much easier to accomplish on mobile devices. But even though it runs on devices from competing companies—Google and Apple—the app seems like a good fit for Microsoft. The product has long been focused on selling software to large companies—Microsoft’s bread and butter—and it already plugs into Microsoft’s primary email server software, Exchange.

Even as companies such as Asana and Slack do their best to make email irrelevant, a growing others are trying to bring email into the 21st century by making it more mobile friendly and helping users automatically sort through the deluge of messages that hit our inboxes every day.

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Klint Finley

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