A Mess! Cowboys’ Star Running Back, DeMarco Murray, is Being Accused by his Best Friend and College Mate of Adultery with his Wife

DeMarco Murray
DeMarco Murray

Dallas Cowboys running back, DeMarco Murray, is being accused by former teammate (at Oklahoma), Brennan Clay, of having an affair with Clay’s wife. Sporting News has the story.

Brennan Clay and DeMarco Murray briefly shared the same field as running backs at Oklahoma. According to Clay, that’s not all they shared.

Clay tweeted Sunday that the Cowboys running back had an affair with his wife, pointing out that Murray has a child with girlfriend Heidi Mueller, and that Clay’s wife has two children. No word on how he found out the information or if it’s still going on.

That’s probably the best place to be if what he’s saying is true. After receiving backlash for putting personal business on social media, Clay said he wanted the world to know what he knows.

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