Bono’s ONE Campaign Teams With Biblica to Help 1 Million American Christians Seek a Cure for AIDS

Bono is shown. | AP Photo
Bono is shown. | AP Photo

The ONE Campaign, founded by Bono, and Biblica, the publisher of the NIV Bible, are teaming up in an effort to help 1 million American Christians seek a cure for AIDS and expand AIDS prevention using Jesus Christ’s teachings as found in the Bible.

“Through this partnership with ONE and Biblica’s own global church and individual networks, we hope to expose over a million people in church to this life-saving message,” Biblica’s chief executive officer Carl A. Moeller told The Christian Post. “We decided to get involved with this project when we were contacted by ONE leadership to help connect World AIDS Day (Monday, December 1) with an Advent message.

“The central message of Advent is the eternal hope that we have in the coming of Jesus – and the healing life He brings – our partnership with ONE will help get this message out even further.”

Biblica is providing materials for the more than 10,000 churches associated with the ONE campaign. Materials, including a simple outline to help guide the understanding of Jesus’ perspective on suffering and the role in meeting the needs of those who suffer from HIV-AIDS, can be downloaded and/or printed out. This material comes from Biblica’s 10-year project “Reach 4 Life” that was developed in Africa to encourage abstinence and understanding of this disease.

The Reach 4 Life material includes 40 lessons and four short journeys, introducing teens to Christ and giving them the power they need to abstain from premarital sex. The journeys include: Finding Faith, Getting Growing, Loving Life, and Choosing Change.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Alex Murashko

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