WATCH: Deion Sanders Tells Larry King After Homosexual Michael Sam is Let Go by the Dallas Cowboys that Homosexuality ‘Could be a Choice Because the God I Know Does Not Make Mistakes’

When questioned about openly homosexual football player Michael Sam, Pro Football Hall of Famer and CBS Sports analyst Deion Sanders said that gay “could be” a choice and added that, “The God I know don’t make mistakes.”

In a Nov. 7 interview preview on, an online program, host Larry King asked Sanders what he thought about Michael Sam, who was drafted by the St. Louis Rams and later released, and then picked for the Dallas Cowboys practice squad and not long thereafter also released.

Sanders, who is also a commentator for the NFL Network, said, “You know what, I reached out to Michael Sam because I have a cousin who’s gay – he’s gay ever since we were kids – and, I’m not saying I condone it but I don’t condemn it. I don’t love what he do but I love him as a man. And I just wanted him [Michael Sam] to understand the burden and the weight that he’s carrying.”

Larry King then said, “You don’t think it’s a choice, though, do you?”

Sanders, nodding his head, said, “It could be.”

King then said, “I don’t know why, who would choose it?”

“Who wouldn’t?” said Sanders, and then added,  “Well, we would get into God did this and God did that. The God I know don’t make mistakes.”

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SOURCE: Michael W. Chapman 
CNS News

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