Sony Developing Simple Watch Made Entirely of E-Paper


Sony has formed a new division under the name of Fashion Entertainments and created a simple watch made entirely from e-paper. The watch, codenamed Fes, adopts a retro design and features 24 patterns which mimic a wide range of traditional watch straps and faces. The unit also responds to gestures and alters the watch face so you can easily read the time when you hold the item in front of you.

The Fes’ sole purpose is to be a bold fashion accessory and doesn’t include advanced features like monitoring or voice recognition which are present on the upcoming Apple Watch. However, its e-paper construction is incredibly power efficient and the battery should last approximately 60 days on a single charge. Compare this to the iWatch which will require daily charging and is undoubtedly less practical in this sense. Furthermore, the basic design of the Fes should make it a fairly affordable proposition.

There has been an overwhelmingly positive attitude towards the Fes so far which began with a crowdfunding campaign back in September.

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SOURCE: TechSpot
John Williamson

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