Here’s a List of Possible Landing Spots for Ray Rice

Ray Rice (Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports)
Ray Rice (Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports)

Ray Rice is officially an NFL player again, free to sign with any team. And, whether or not he deserves it, Rice will in all likelihood get a second chance.

But what team would be willing to give the former Pro Bowler that opportunity?

The running back position’s devaluing over the last decade won’t help Rice get another deal. The trouble he’s found himself in, however, should drive down the cost a team would have to pay to get Rice on the roster, and players with Rice’s abilities are rarely available for the league minimum very often.

With salary cap numbers not likely to get in the way of a team signing Rice, an organization’s need for a running back could be the deciding factor. A past relationship with Rice or the Ravens organization — people who know Rice personally will be more likely to give him the benefit of the doubt — could also determine whether a team is willing to take on the baggage he now carries.

Let’s take a look at possible destinations for the league’s most infamous free agent.

Indianapolis Colts

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SOURCE: USA Today Sports – Steven Ruiz

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