Quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, to Finally Play Each Other on Sunday

Patriots travel to face the Packers in what could be a Super Bowl preview.
Patriots travel to face the Packers in what could be a Super Bowl preview.

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have both been here before, atop the race to be named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player, while quarterbacking their teams into Super Bowl contention. But they’ve never been here together.

In one of the more that-can’t-really-be-true stats of this NFL season, Brady and Rodgers, three MVP awards and four Super Bowl rings between them, have never even played each other. Brady is 2-1 in his career against the Packers, splitting his two starts against Brett Favre and notching a win in 2010 against Rodgers’ backup, Matt Flynn, in a game Rodgers missed because of a concussion.

What a treat the NFL world will get on Sunday afternoon, when Brady’s Patriots play Rodgers’ Packers at Lambeau Field, while both are playing so well. The game could not only be a Super Bowl preview, but could serve as a de facto final exam for the MVP race.

“It’s going to be a great match-up, but at the crux of it is these two guys. I have to imagine that in big games, like they normally do, they’ll both play huge,” said Kurt Warner, a former NFL MVP and current NFL Network analyst. “When it comes down to the MVP race, especially these last five games of the year, a big part of it is how do their teams finish? What everyone will remember is what you did at the end. Who makes his mark in a game like this, when they are going head-to-head — does one of these guys shine?”

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SOURCE: Lindsay H. Jones

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