Protesters in NYC March in the Street to Disrupt Black Friday Shopping


Hundreds of protesters hellbent on bringing down Black Friday marched from Macy’s Herald Square to Times Square on Friday afternoon — blocking traffic on Broadway as they brazenly walked through the middle of the street.

Chanting loudly, the angry activists brandished signs bearing slogans like, “No justice, no peace” and “We won’t take it anymore” as they clogged one of Manhattan’s main arteries while on their way to Duffy Square.

“No justice! No peace! No racist police!” the crowd shouted.

After making it to West 46th Street, the demonstrators continued mucking up traffic and a few protesters called for the crowd to “block the street.”

Eventually, the group left Duffy Square, marching down 7th Avenue and Broadway back toward Herald Square. Near 39th and Broadway, police on scooters lined up along a crosswalk in an attempt to force protesters onto the sidewalk.

After cops warned the protesters to stay off the road, at least two people were arrested in the midst of the ruckus.

The demonstrators had gathered outside Herald Square around 1 p.m. Friday to boycott one of the country’s biggest shopping days. Some even managed to make it inside the department store, where they shamed deal-seeking shoppers as police followed them around inside.

The protest, which was organized by The Rockaway Youth Task Force and Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, is part of a larger, nationwide effort to put a stop to shopping on Black Friday in the wake of a Missouri grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of teenager Michael Brown.

On Thursday, seven rabble-rousers were arrested and issued desk appearance tickets after knocking down metal barricades that kept them out of Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade.

SOURCE: Kevin Fasick and Danika Fears  
The New York Post


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