Get Off the Wheel of Worry as a Homeschooler

Get Off the Wheel of Worry as a Homeschooler

3:00 A.M.

I can just make out the small green numbers on the cable box. Why did I think this couch would be more comfortable than my bed? My body pillow hangs off the cushions and the blanket tangles around my legs. At least I’m free to toss and turn without heavy sighs from my husband’s side of the bed.

Squeak. Squeak. Squeak.

Jeffrey scampers inside the blue plastic wheel hooked to the bars of his hamster cage. For the last hour, I’ve been tossing and turning to the rhythm of his relentless, nocturnal quest. The wheel spins faster and faster. Jeffrey goes nowhere.

Pushing my head into the pillow does nothing to block out the squeak of Jeffrey’s wheel. Restless, I can’t get comfortable. How am I going to clean the house, get to the grocery store, make snacks for Maddy’s Brownie party, edit Alek’s World View paper, help Kyle study for his Spanish test, prepare for our co-op’s student council meeting, and still get through Maddy’s Abeka worksheets in time to make writer’s group? Especially if I don’t get any sleep tonight?

How did I get so busy? Homeschooling three kids, teaching and advising student counsel at co-op, girl scouts, tennis, charities, driving the boys to outside classes. Not to mention the daily crush of dinner, cleaning and laundry.

And worrying.

Always worrying. Am I smart enough to teach? Have I rounded out our curriculum? Am I tuned into the kids’ learning styles? Would they be better off in real school? Will Kyle get into college? Was duel credit the right choice? Was I wrong not to push Alek into baseball? Am I pressing Maddy too hard in math? The wheel picks up speed. My mouth is dry. It hurts to swallow.

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Source: Crosswalk | Lori Freeland

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