RGIII Loses Starting Position With Washington Redskins; Colt McCoy Takes Over

Robert Griffin III
Robert Griffin III

On Wednesday, President Obama will pardon a turkey as part of the White House’s annual Thanksgiving celebration. Meanwhile, the turkeys down the road in Ashburn are getting ready to do the opposite to Robert Griffin III, essentially axing their young quarterback – the one who’s two years removed from leading a team to the playoffs and winning offensive rookie of the year.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Colt McCoy will start Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts, ending RG3’s three-game “tryout” following an ankle injury in Week 2 of this season.

It appears to be an ignominious end for a quarterback so closely removed from NFL greatness.

Two years ago this week, Griffin was in Dallas, winning a season-saving Thanksgiving game in front of a massive television audience, en route to a seven-game winning streak and division title. He was the toast of the NFL. Now he’s on the verge of being left on the curb, available for the best offer. The one-time king of D.C. relegated to exile by the biggest jesters in town – Daniel Snyder, Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden.

If this turn of events hadn’t been foreshadowed for weeks, it’d be completely inconceivable. How could Robert Griffin III be benched for performance? They always say you couldn’t write that script. This time, it’s true.

For now, it’s McCoy’s turn. He wasn’t the original backup to RG3 – that was Kirk Cousins, who lasted five weeks before being pulled for the former University of Texas star. McCoy led the team to a win against the Tennessee Titans after entering the game at halftime, then followed that up with a sterling Monday night win over the rival Dallas Cowboys in the NFL upset of the year.

He figured to start the following week in Minnesota, especially with a bye week to follow that would have given Griffin an extra 14 days to get healthy. Instead, the team rushed back Griffin, despite the fact he hadn’t taken all practice reps that week, didn’t appear fully healthy and, again, had that bye week. It was as if the Redskins were scared of what would happen if McCoy lit up the Vikings after the Cowboys and created a quarterback controversy. “Can we bring back RG3 if McCoy keeps winning?” It never seemed to occur to them that poor play by RG3 would do the same. Indecision and second-guessing rule the day in Washington.

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