If Redskins Trade or Cut RG3, Here Are 8 Places he Could Go in 2015

If Redskins Trade or Cut RG3, Here Are 8 Places he Could Go in 2015

If Robert Griffin III is on his way out of Washington, that means he’ll soon be packing his bags for somewhere else. Though everything is speculation and guesswork so early in the process, FTW has narrowed down the list of possible suitors to eight teams.

Before we start, here’s the nuts and bolts of the contract: The Redskins can trade RG3 without much cost to their, or another, team’s cap. He’d come relatively cheap for another team (a one-year, $3.4 million deal) and wouldn’t cost the Redskins much from a trade ($3.3 million), with a $6.7 million cap hit that’s basically pocket change to a team that’s paying $3.3 million in dead money to Josh Morgan this year.

Any team could also play RG3 in his fourth year at his normal $6.7 cap hit, then decide whether to pick up his hefty fifth-year option before the 2015 season, which would guarantee him a top-10 QB salary. But if you think this story is dramatic now, just wait until Washington goes into 2015 with RG3 as a lame duck quarterback.

With that, here are the seven more logical landing spots for the talented, injury-prone quarterback.

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