Florida Pastor Jay Dennis Recuperating at Home After Fainting In Parking Lot After Daughter’s Wedding

pastor Jay Dennis
pastor Jay Dennis

The pastor of a large church in Lakeland fainted and hit pavement, hurting himself to the point of needing a dozen stitches after performing his daughter’s marriage ceremony over the weekend.

Jay Dennis, pastor of the First Baptist Church at the Mall, 1010 E. Memorial Blvd., was dehydrated and had some other undiagnosed causes when he passed out and fell in the parking lot Friday evening after his daughter Emily’s ceremony in Tampa, said Darrin Brown, associate lead pastor at the church.

When Dennis’ head hit the pavement, the impact pushed his eyeglasses so hard against the area just above his left eye that he had to get the stitches, chipped a tooth and caused a concussion, Brown said. It also aggravated an earlier back injury, he said.

Dennis is at home and recuperating.

“Pastor Jay is going to have a huge shiner,” Brown wrote in an email to The Ledger.

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SOURCE: The Ledger
Ben Brasch

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