Holman United Methodist Church Applauds Return of Pastor Kelvin Sauls

Pastor Kelvin Sauls and Rev. Judi Wortham-Sauls
Pastor Kelvin Sauls and Rev. Judi Wortham-Sauls

With cheers and applause, the congregation of Holman United Methodist Church welcomed the reappointment of Pastor Kelvin Sauls as spiritual leader of their parish.  

During an afternoon reception on November 16, members joined with elected officials and community leaders in celebrating Pastor Sauls’ return and his upcoming birthday on November 25.

“We’re so fortunate at Holman to have a wonderful, young pastor who is also a soldier of the cross, a preacher, and a politician all wrapped in one,” said long-time member, Rosa Hill.

“We give God thanks for this wonderful man and may he be here for many, many years!”

The Rev. Sauls noted, “This is my third year and it’s been an exciting, learning experience as we continue to grow, individually and collectively.  My vision for Holman is to continue to be a hub of hope and healing and a center of wellness and wholeness.”

Looking towards the coming year, he said the church will focus on celebrating its 70th anniversary as well as increasing its social gospel ministry.

“Our anniversary theme is ‘Honoring Our Legacy, Resetting Our Future.’  My position has always been that while we’re standing on the shoulders of those who came before us and those still with us, we continue to reach forward to what God has for us in the future. Because we’re standing on their shoulders, we can see further and we can reach higher for such a time as this,” explained Pastor Sauls.

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Source: LA Sentinel

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