LifeWay Christian Stores Honors Thanksgiving by Giving Employees the Day Off


The ever-escalating commercialization of Thanksgiving will get no support from LifeWay Christian Stores.

LifeWay is among retail outlets maintaining a commitment to give employees — and customers — the day off.

“Just as we do every Sunday, we believe it is important to set aside Thanksgiving for our employees to spend time with family and friends thanking God,” said Tim Vineyard, the vice president of LifeWay Christian Stores.

“We hope our being closed will encourage families to enjoy Thanksgiving together and find respite from the busyness of the holiday season,” Vineyard said.

Apparently at least half of Americans agree. A nationwide survey of U.S. consumers found 50 percent say shopping hours on Thanksgiving Day are a bad idea that detracts from the traditional celebration. The research from LoyaltyOne, a customer analytics firm, found only 33 percent believe open stores are beneficial.

A growing number of those Americans opposed to shopping starting on Thursday are making their feelings known. An online petition started by a Target employee asking the fourth-largest U.S. retailer to give employees the day off has garnered over 90,000 signatures. Over 100,000 people have liked the Facebook group “Boycott Black Thursday.”

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Aaron Earls

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