New Book Explores the Challenges that Lead to Pastors Quitting or Being Fired

For Ministers About to Start ... or About to Give Up
For Ministers About to Start … or About to Give Up

Travis Collins was a pastor for three decades, but it was only in the last 10 years of his pulpit ministry that he became disturbed by the rate of burnout among fellow preachers — especially the younger ones.

“The dropout rate is alarming among new ministers,” said Collins, director of mission advancement and Virginia regional coordinator for Fresh Expressions U.S., which seeks to create new faith communities capable of engaging a postmodern culture. Fresh Expressions U.S. is coordinated by the Baptist General Association of Virginia’s Executive Board.

“Some statistics show that half will drop out of vocational ministry … within their first five years,” said Collins, former senior pastor at Bon Air Baptist Church in Richmond, Va.

So rather than just worry about it and watch the downward trend continue, Collins decided to combine research he’s gathered over three decades of ministry with up-to-date data and put it all down on paper.

The result is a new book — For Ministers About to Start … or About to Give Up, published by TCPBooks.

The 153-page text presents readers with disturbing statistics, warns against “saboteur” church members and highlights the dangers of little or no exercise and poor eating and sleeping habits — and a variety of other ministerial pitfalls.

It also offers solutions that, if heeded, Collins and others say will help pastors keep their head regardless of present circumstances.

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SOURCE: Baptist News Global
Jeff Brumley

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