Nick and Kanae Vujicic Tell of How They Found ‘Love Without Limits’ In New Book

(USED BY PERMISSION, WATERBROOK PRESS) Nick and Kanae Vujicic on their wedding day.
Nick and Kanae Vujicic on their wedding day.

Nick Vujicic, the Christian motivational speaker known as the “limbless evangelist,” tells of his journey to finding true love in the new book, Love Without Limits, and the challenges he and his wife, Kanae have faced on their journey to marriage, and beyond.

Being born with tetra-amelia syndrome (without limbs), since his youth Nick had been plagued with the fear that “no woman would ever love me or want to marry me,” the Australian-born Serbian evangelist writes in Love With Limbs: A Remarkable Story of True Love Conquering All. “I had many doubts about my fitness as both a husband and a father.”

But, as many of Nick’s supporters and admirers know, he had nothing to worry about.

In 2008, Nick and Kanae met and four years later, married. Then, in February 2013, Kanae gave birth to Kiyoshi James Vujicic, who shares his grandfather’s first name (on his mother’s side).

Love Without Limits, available Nov. 18, is presented in 15 chapters and covers much of the areas one might expect for a book on dating and relationships or marriage. There are chapters in which Nick and Kanae cover the usual, but personalized topics of looking for love, falling in love and so forth. And the pair don’t shy away from the subject of sex, presented in chapter nine, “The Joys of Abstinence Before Marriage and Sex After Marriage.”

Nick, who turns 32 in December, writes that once he and Kanae knew they were headed toward marriage, he felt compelled to “assure her that my physical imperfections did not include anything that would prohibit or interfere with our ability to have sex…”

He adds, “She hadn’t asked, but I wanted to dispel any questions or doubts she might have had. Believe me, I’ve been dealing with being asked such questions from childhood to adulthood. I’ve been asked every sort of invasive personal question you might imagine—and some you’d never think of, I assure you.”

In fact, as Nick goes on to recall, during a 2012 live television appearance in Dallas, a female reporter asked him how it was that he and his wife were able to make a baby. In a video clip of the interview, no longer available online, the reporter seems genuinely curious how Nick, born with no arms or legs, could become a father.

“I was more than a little flustered by her question. I tried to put her off by saying, ‘Well, most people know you don’t need arms and legs to have a child,'” shares Nick..

“That didn’t seem to deter her. She asked again, saying people were curious as to how I could become a father. At that point, I realized she was serious. I could have replied in a way that put her down for a going too far into our personal life with her inquiries. Instead, I went for humor.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Nicola Menzie

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