Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Fund ‘Jupiter Strong’ Kids’ Book Series

Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Fund 'Jupiter Strong' Kids' Book Series

The makers of the popular Jupiter Strong book series, which follows a young girl Jupiter on her many adventures, have launched a Kickstarter campaign entitled #TVTakeover to help fund a future animated television series.The popular series for African American children, available in paperback and e-book, was created by Frank Edwards and Kelly Abel, who set out to make a high quality children’s book series that was able to be both educational and interesting. After much preparation, character building, and publishing, the first installment in the series was released entitled Jupiter Strong and the Lunch Lion.

The Jupiter Strong creators comment, “We loved the project and took great pride in our contribution to diverse children’s literature, but had no idea that our efforts would be so well received.” The “L0opsters” (a term of endearment for a Jupiter Strong fan) demanded a second installment in the series, and their demands were met. There are currently four Jupiter Strong books available, and the emails have begun flooding in from fans, demanding a television cartoon.

Frank Edwards and Kelly Abel hope to deliver a Jupiter Strong animated television series to their faithful “L0opsters.” They have created a Kickstarter campaign to help offset some of the costs associated with creating the new television series. The campaign is entitled #TVTakeover and officially launched on November 1 2014. They are planning to meet their goal of $26,000 by December 7 2014. With the help of the Kickstarter campaign, the pilot episode is marked for a November 2015 release.

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Source: Black News

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