Illinois City Blocks Christians from Witnessing to Gang Members


A Chicago law firm is asking a court in Elgin, Illinois, to get off the backs of former gang members who are now born-again Christians.

Attorney Andy Norman of the law firm Mauck & Baker represents the former members of the Latin Kings, a rather notorious gang in Elgin, Illinois. Norman tells OneNewsNow of the great awakening experienced by some of the members of that gang.

“Three of them were in the gang,” he explains. “One [of my clients] actually was never in the gang. He was born-again, and he started witnessing to the three who were in the gang. And, one by one, they ended up coming to faith and then leaving the gang.”

Two were beaten out of the gang. That means having to pay to get out of the gang or experience a very intense beating for two minutes – which, if survived, allows the member to be released from the gang. However, even after that experience, the new Christians were not done with the gang.

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Charlie Butts

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