Man Who Killed Detroit Woman After She Rejected his Advances Charged with Murder

Man Who Killed Detroit Woman After She Rejected his Advances Charged with Murder

Mark Dorch is the suspect who has been charged with the death of Mary “Unique” Spears, the Detroit woman who was shot and killed after rejecting a man’s advances. Two men and three women who were outside at the American Legion Louis Post No. 375 were also wounded as Dorch allegedly sprayed the area in bullets. 38-year-old Dorch was first charged with first degree murder and assault with intent to murder, among other charges. His trial will begin on Febuary 9th.

According to the police, Dorch attempted to speak with 27-year-old Spears at the memorial celebration after the funeral of one of Spears’ family members but was unsuccessful and security forced him to leave, bringing him around to the front of the building where the shooting took place. On Wednesday a police official said by email that, while a trial is pending, they won’t speak to Dorch’s motive or the details of his alleged conversation with Spears.

However, as they were celebrating the life of their fallen family member, many of Mary’s family witnessed the exchange and they claim that Dorch harassed her, asking for her name and number and she told him she didn’t wish to speak with him. So…he shot her. Spears had a fiance (who fought for her that evening), three sons, ages 8, 4 and 1.

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Source: Black America Web | Danielle Young

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