WATCH: BET Entertainment Editor Refers to the Established 6 Million Member Strong Church of God In Christ as a ‘Cult and Very Jim Jones’ Simply because They Stand Against Homosexuality, the Homosexual Agenda, and Homosexual Marriage; Black Pastors and Churches, You Better Wake Up As We Warned You In the Past!


Clay Cane
Clay Cane

In a recent discussion, Huffington Post Live host, Marc Lamont Hill, talked with BET’s entertainment editor, Clay Cane, regarding the video that went viral about a young man who got saved and delivered from the sin of homosexuality at the 107th COGIC Annual Convocation. After posing an initial question, Hill let him speak on the topic for several minutes without interruption. Clay Cane made several disrespectful, shocking, and over the top statements against the black church in general and the COGIC in particular, in favor of homosexuality and homosexuals. We have pulled out a few of those statements and listed them below:

  • “I hope this boy [Andrew Caldwell] honestly is on suicide watch.”
  • Clay Cane accuses COGIC of “brainwashing” converted homosexual [Andrew Caldwell]; “When you’re brainwashed, you’re not choosing anything.”
  • “If you want to find a whole bunch of black gay folks just go to the black church.”
  • “The black church wouldn’t even exist without gay people.”
  • “Being gay is not a sin.”
  • “Whatever happens to that young person or the young people who see that, the black church must take responsibility.”
    (Suggesting that if this young man or someone else commits suicide, the black church should be held responsible.)

You can read the entire transcript and watch the video below:

Marc Lamont Hill: The comedic value of this video I think plays on the irony that he is saying he’s not gay but look at him. Talk to me about what that means and how the public responded to it.

Clay Cane: I have to say that this is nothing new. First of all, I’ve been in so many churches. Andrew, if you’re out there and you’re listening, I know what you’re going through. I hope this boy honestly is on suicide watch because the way he is being shamed in the public, and the way he was being shamed in that church is really heartbreaking to see. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

I want to make an important point. The bishop said that he chose to do this. No, he didn’t choose. When you’re brainwashed, you’re not choosing anything. When you’re feeling exiled and unloved by your community, and you’ll do anything to be accepted, you’re not choosing. He’s doing what he thinks will work to make him feel loved and appreciated in his community.

What’s funny about it is that people were mocking it and laughing about it. But if he were “more masculine” folks would take it seriously. The reason why they’re mocking it is because he’s “feminine”. There are so many deep issues. You know, if you want to find a whole bunch of black gay folks just go to the black church.

Marc Lamont Hill: Right. (Laughter)

Clay Cane: The black church wouldn’t even exist without gay people. This bishop you were just speaking to, what makes him an expert on sexuality? You’re not an MSW. …What makes you an expert on someone’s sexuality? It’s kind of like when you hear white people trying to break down the ills of black people. This infuriates me so much because I have been through this. And I have so many friends who have lost their lives to this. This is true deep violence and this young man, hopefully, he gets to the other side of this, but forever this will live online.

I’ve seen this at funerals. The bodies of my friends in a casket and the preacher is screaming, ‘he’s going to hell.’ Being gay is not a sin. The whole BS of ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ is taking away my right to exist. I understand you not understanding but I’m not concerned with that.

Let me just say one more thing. Whatever happens to that young person or the young people who see that, the black church must take responsibility. The reason why HIV/AIDS rates are so high among black gay men is because of self-hate. Part of that self hate is the black church. The reason why there are so many unhealthy and destructive relationships is because of the hate that comes from the church.

I could go on. It breaks my heart, Marc. I can’t tell you the amount of people I know who suffer with this. I think what’s important is that we look at the messenger. The Bishop you were just talking to compared homosexuality to pedophiles. You can live a different life in God. You know, not every black church is homophobic. That’s important. There are plenty of black churches who understand the beautiful nuances that we as human beings have.

Last word is just to Andrew: I really hope he makes it out on the other side of this. You know, I’m going to pray for him. One thing I know, I really feel like if he makes it out on the other side, and if he gets away from what I perceive in that moment to be a cult, to be very Jim Jones; if he gets away from that, I think he is going to look back on this experience when he was 21 years old. He is 21 years old and realize you know what, I love myself now because trying to reject who you are and trying to believe Scriptures from a man who thinks that gay people are pedophiles and they’re preying around you in our church, and all these types of things, that he comes out loving himself and that he gets something from this.

Watch the entire video below:



We at have shared in the past that this demonic spirit of homosexuality is unreasonable and what you just read or heard is the evidence of that. So instead of compromising what we believe and apologizing for what we believe, the black church, the white church, and all other churches who fear God, love Jesus Christ, and who stand on the Word of God need to stand firm, stick with what the Bible says, and refuse to be moved. If we don’t stand, we assure you that this is going to get worse instead of better.

-BCNN1 Editors

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