6 Tips to Protect Your Skin In Cold Weather


Weather forecasters are predicting an unusually cold winter. Therefore we need to take precautions against the dry skin that accompanies frigid temperatures.

Low humidity is a hallmark of cold, winter weather in the air outside. Couple that with the dry air on the inside of our homes, schools and work places because of radiant heat.

Dry skin is not only uncomfortable, sometimes even painful, but it can make us more prone to getting sick.

Our skin is the largest organ in the body. Its primary purpose is to serve as a barrier. It keeps the germs, bacteria, and viruses in our environment out of our bodies so we don’t succomb to illness and disease.

But dry skin compromises the ability of our skin to protect us. For one thing, dry skin creates cracks and fissures in the skin. These tiny but numerous “openings” allow dangerous elements from our environment to enter our bodies and make us sick.

Here are some practical tips to prevent dry skin this winter:

1. SHORT, COOL SHOWERS: This is very difficult, to be sure, because on those cold winter days it feels so good to linger in a hot shower. The problem is, water is very drying, especially hot water. So try to minimize the amount of water you put on your skin, and make it as tepid as you can.

2. MOISTURIZE: As soon as you get out of the shower or bath or finish washing your face or hands, put moistuizer on your skin while there is still a little bit of hydration on your skin to “lock in” the wetness. My favorite moisturizer is coconut oil because it absorbs into the skin so well.

3. USE A HUMIDIFIER OR VAPORIZER: These can be purchased at a pharmacy or discount store for very low cost. You simply add water and plug it in and the steam fills and hydrates the air in your home.

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Lorie Johnson

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