National Missionary Baptist Convention General Secretary, Dr. Tommy L. Brown, Elected as Pastor of New Mount Zion Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas

Dr. Tommy L. Brown
Dr. Tommy L. Brown

The congregation of New Mount Zion Baptist Church is welcoming Dr. Tommy L. Brown with a spirit of celebration during this historical inauguration of the pastor as he embarks the role to lead a robust ministerial and trailblazing congregation.  After a national search, vetting over 500 applicants, Dr. Tommy L. Brown, a native son of Ennis, Texas,  was called as the fifth pastor in the church’s 68 years of existence.

New Mount Zion Baptist Church, Inc. located in the Hamilton Park and Lake Highlands communities in North Dallas, with members covering north Texas, is ecstatic about the election of a new Pastor, Dr. Tommy L. Brown.  New Mount Zion, which was led by Dr. R.E. Price until his passing on July 14, 2012, welcomes Dr. Brown as its fifth pastor. “Following into the footsteps of a legend, Pastor Price, who happened to be a mentor, model, and motivator of mine, is indeed an honor.”

Leaders throughout the country have sent expressions of congratulations regarding the appointment of Dr. Brown. In an interview with Moderator Lee Walton of the Greater Rising Star District Association, having known Dr. Brown for many years, he shared that it is his opinion that “Dr. Brown will bring into the North Dallas community a dynamic and rare level of leadership that will impact the National Missionary Baptist Convention of America on a local, state and national level”. He is joined by others in his opinion that Dr. Brown is a dynamic God-called preacher of the Gospel of Christ who is a great family man and community leader.  In addition to ensuring a strong worship experience for all age groups, it was the topic of leadership on which Dr. Brown was most vocal in visiting about the goals for the membership. He plans to conduct quarterly leadership workshops; he believes it is important to have leaders on the same page as the pastor for the vision of the church to be a success.  Dr. Brown shared that New Mt. Zion already has a solid ministry with wonderful history. His personal goal is to get to know the individuals in the church and continue to pray Solomon’s prayer: Lord Give me sense enough how to go in and come out before your people. The ministries of the Day Care and Credit Union he sees as opportunities to further enrich the lives of the members and families in the community. He believes to reach children during the formative years can prepare them for the rest of their life. He recited Proverbs 22:6Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Beyond financial awareness and continuation of the literacy classes, he will encourage all members to join the credit union with a particular emphasis to have young adults save, not only for personal prosperity, but also for fiscal responsibility for one’s church and community.

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Source: Dallas Post Tribune |  Atty. Mattye Gouldsby Jones

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