Fiance of Dallas Ebola Patient, Thomas Duncan, Receives Nothing in Settlement with Hospital, Children Split $250,000

Louise Troh
Louise Troh

The fiancee of the man who died of Ebola in Texas last month will get nothing in the settlement agreement with the hospital.

The family of Thomas Eric Duncan, the only person to die of Ebola in the United States, settled with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, the parties announced today.

Although lawyers said they could not reveal the sum of the settlement, they said it was “a very good deal,” and as good or better than what the family would have gotten if they had gone to court with a malpractice lawsuit. Under Texas law, damages are limited to $250,000. Duncan’s four children and two parents all received part of the settlement.

The family will not have to pay for Duncan’s 11-day hospital stay.

However, Duncan’s fiancee, Louise Troh, received nothing in the settlement.

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Source: EURWeb

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