British Public Votes The Bible as More Valuable to Humanity Than Darwin’s Origin of Species

beautiful Bible

The Bible has been voted more valuable to humanity than Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by the British public.

The Folio Society survey conducted by YouGov asked members of the public to name the books of most significance for the modern world.

The Bible edged just in front with 37 per cent of the vote, while Darwin’s book explaining his theory of natural selection was chosen by 35 per cent of the 2,044 British adults surveyed.

On the Origin of Species was chosen because it “answers fundamental questions of human existence”, while The Bible was cited because it “contains principles / guidelines on how to be a good person”.

Tom Walker, editorial director of The Folio Society, said:  “The first question I had was whether the similar figure for Darwin and the Bible does show a continuing polarization between the realms of science and religion, or whether in fact it reveals a more balanced approach to ideas for the modern reader.

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SOURCE: The Independent – Daisy Wyatt

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