WATCH: Revival Breaks Out at COGIC Convocation Under the Preaching of Prophet/Evangelist Earl Carter; Carter Preaches Against Homosexuality and Sin in the Church; Homosexual Man Repents and Gets SavedCalls Out “Sissies” in the Church and Rebukes Pastors Sitting in the Pulpit to Their Faces for Allowing Homosexuals to Lead Praise and Worship

Earl Carter
Earl Carter

COGIC Superintendent Earl Carter preached a powerful message on Saturday night at the Church of God in Christ’s 107th annual Holy Convocation.

At Saturday’s evening worship service, Carter challenged preachers and church members to get rid of the sin in their lives and begin living “like Jesus.” Speaking against homosexuality, Carter said, ‘I know some of you homosexuals don’t want me to talk about you, but I’m going to talk about you. Some of you have been to every conference, been to every convocation, been to all the revivals, and you’re still a sissy, you’re still a whoremonger…’

Carter also said that he ‘blamed some of you pastors for letting homosexuals lead praise and worship.’ He said that many pastors turned a blind eye to such sin in their churches.

Carter also criticized pastors who seemed to only want money and material things.

After his message, Rev. Carter held an altar call for those who wanted to be saved or who wanted to be delivered from sin. A young man came up to repent of homosexuality and begin living for Jesus Christ.

The Church of God in Christ’s Holy Convocation runs until November 12th, 2014. The event is being streamed live online at BCNN3.TV and GLBN.TV.


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