Nigerian Church Leaders to Government: Stop Political Activity and Focus on Defeating Boko Haram

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Influential Nigerian church leaders have appealed to the government to suspend political activities and focus solely on defeating Boko Haram.

Right Rev. Stephen Dami Mamza, Most Rev. Nemuel Babba, Samuel Dali Danti and Amos Yakubu made their appeal to the Nigerian government after news broke that a suicide bomber had attack a school on Yobe state, killing at least 48 students.

In a statement the leaders said, “The Christian leaders are worried over the recent takeover of six local governments in Adamawa State namely; Madagali, Michika, Mubi North, Mubi South, and parts of Hong and Maiha Local Governments by the insurgents.

“We are also worried that the Christians are been systematically eliminated by members of the Boko Haram Islamic extremists. We are forced to believe that the whole attack is a deliberate plan to exterminate Christians living in the affected areas.”

The church leaders urged the government not to downplay the events that have been taking place including killings and kidnappings.

The leaders believe, “the whole onslaught is a deliberate attempt to exterminate Christians in the captured region.”

SOURCE: Christian Headlines
Carrie Dedrick

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