Georgia Pastor Holds Bible Study on Sidewalk After Being Fired and Banned from Church

Pastor Darryl Momon / Old Mountain Top Baptist Church
Pastor Darryl Momon / Old Mountain Top Baptist Church

A Douglas County pastor has been fired and banned from his own church, but returned for bible study Wednesday night.

God’s house is not the place where you would expect a minister to be arrested, but that’s exactly what happened to Pastor Darryl Momon after nine years of service as the Senior Pastor of Old Mountain Top Baptist Church. Momon says he was arrested for trespassing after he tried to return to preach at the church.

The small church of 80 members is divided. A deacon board fired the pastor back in June and give him a $4,000 severance check, but the 52-year-old preacher and several church members contend that ousting was illegal. They say Momon has been reinstated by a majority of the congregation who followed church by-laws.

“They came to arrest me and when they took me out the congregation had an emergency meeting,” said Momon.

Many congregational members tell FOX 5 according to church bi-laws, the congregation has the final word on whom they want to be their spiritual leader.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office says they are trying to keep peace.

“We started getting calls on Sundays where people were disrupting the church and arguing back and forth and we had to intervene,” said Chief Deputy Stan Copeland.

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Aungelique Proctor

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