Duck Dynasty’s Alan Robertson Warns Americans to Repent and Turn Back to God or Face Severe Judgment

Alan Robertson, of TV's 'Duck Dynasty,' who is also a pastor and Bible teacher, warns that America could face divine judgment if people do not repent from sin and turn back to God. (
Alan Robertson, of TV’s ‘Duck Dynasty,’ who is also a pastor and Bible teacher, warns that America could face divine judgment if people do not repent from sin and turn back to God. (

The people of the United States must collectively repent of their sin and wholeheartedly turn back to God—or the nation could face severe judgment from God.

That warning comes from Alan Robertson of the popular TV show Duck Dynasty, who is a former church pastor and frequently preaches around the country, as does his father, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson.

“[I]t costs a society and a culture wherever sin reigns,” Al Robertson told “Let’s look at human civilization and go back at all the great cultures that rose up, like the Romans or others, and it [sin] just weighs in on itself and it destroys. It becomes such a weighted-down culture in its own seeking of personal pleasure or personal gain, and then it collapses. It’s happened every time, up to now.”

When asked if this could happen to America, he replied: “Absolutely. Unless we somehow figure out that we were founded on the principles of godliness and following the law, because law is good and things like that. I think we have the element to repent.”

Robertson cited the Old Testament examples of Sodom and Gomorrah and also of Achan in the book of Joshua, whose entire family was stoned to death because of his sin of stealing gold and silver that had been “accursed.” On the other hand, he also cited the story of Jonah, through whose warning the evil ruler and people of ancient Nineveh decided to turn away from their sin, and they were spared divine judgment.

Al Robertson is the former pastor of at the White’s Ferry Road Church in West Monroe, Louisiana, where he served 12 years. The Robertsons regularly attend church and Bible study there. He joined Duck Dynasty in 2012 and is now an elder at the church. Phil Robertson is also an elder at White’s Ferry Road Church, and he often preaches there. Phil and Alan also preach in other venues across the nation.

Al Robertson is married to Lisa Robertson, and they have two adult daughters and three grandchildren.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Mark Andrews

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