Actress Tasha Smith Convinced Her Husband Is Trying to Kill Her, Files Restraining Order Against Him

Source: WENN
Source: WENN

You know what they say there are three sides to every troubled relationship story. His side, her side and the truth.

The highly dysfunctional story about actress Tasha Smith and her husband Keith Douglas gets more and more troubling by the week.

Last week we reported that Douglas filed a restraining order against his own wife, requiring her to stay at least two yards away from him. Though the two share a house together.

Now, we’re getting to hear Tasha’s side and sadly, it only paints a darker picture.

According to TMZ, Tasha says she, and not her husband, is the one who fears that she’ll be killed. Smith just filed legal documents stating that Douglas gets into these jealous rages where he calls her a f**king d**e, accusing her of sleeping with other women.

She writes in the documents: “When he’s in a rage, I feel that he’s capable of killing me.”

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SOURCE: Madamenoire
Veronica Wells

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