Advocate Wants Street Named After Myles Munroe

T.D. Jakes, Paul S. Morton, and Other Christian Leaders, Celebrities Mourn the Loss of Myles Munroe, Family, and Ministry Associates

A LOCAL advocate has called on government to assure that internationally recognised pastor and author Dr Myles Munroe is remembered in history by naming a street after the “great Bahamian”.

Bahamas Love and Care Association member, Sam Williams said the government has to step up and preserve the memory of “a man that has done so much for so many”. He suggested that the country take initial steps to ensure that generations of Bahamians can learn what he stood for.

Dr Munroe, pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International and his wife, Ruth, were among the nine persons who died after their plane crashed Sunday in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

“What Myles has done in this country from a non-political standpoint is amazing,” Mr Williams told The Tribune. “We have to find a way to preserve him, his name and what he stood for. There should be a street, one major roadway that bears his name. It doesn’t matter which road it is, the important thing is that we acknowledge this man in our history.”

Mr Williams, who is also a taxi driver, added that many of the tourists he drives on a daily basis ask to see BFM’s compound on Carmichael Road.

He said that these people saw the greatness of Mr Munroe. Mr Williams continued: “We have lost a hero, a great Bahamian and we need to acknowledge him.”

After news of Dr Munroe’s death began to circulate, thousands of Bahamians and people from around the world took to Facebook and Twitter to express sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of the internationally renowned pastor.

Dr Munroe and his party were heading to Freeport to attend the Global Leadership Forum, which he was to host in Grand Bahama yesterday.

Source: Tribune 242 | RICARDO WELLS

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