Homeschooling Headaches

Homeschooling Headaches

I’ll be the first to admit it; I have contemplated (and threatened) to send my children to school. I think I will refrain from telling just how many times I have contemplated that scenario this year alone.

I’ve come to the realization that homeschooling is a job rewarded mostly, or should I say, hopefully, in the long term. I worked in a brick and mortar school for six years. I was employed by the local public school system as a speech-language pathologist and therefore paid for my patience in teaching other people’s children reading strategies, language instruction, and how to correctly articulate r, l, and s.

Today, my diligence and patience in teaching my own children are frequently rewarded with whines of “do I have to?” and “this is too hard, I hate school.” Yes, I have read countless numbers of homeschool books, and yes, we have great days where learning is like a Disney movie complete with singing birds and hopping bunnies. However, most days, if I am gut-level honest, home education is a job that doesn’t birth accolades and paystubs for my dedication, tenacity, skill, or lack thereof.  Most days, I am faithful because I feel God has absolutely called me to such a task and to not submit in willful obedience would be to disobey God’s calling on my life. Further, a lack of obedience here would for me, at this time in our journey, be akin to my oldest saying, “this is too hard; I hate school.” Effectually, I would be giving up simply because I didn’t want to do the hard thing.

With little social interaction with other adults, no monetary return for my work, no checklist that ever stays checked off for more than a day, and very little quiet space for my mind to concentrate, I have to ask myself, why am I and other parents joining the homeschool movement and what motivates parents to continue home education year after year?

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