Rev. Theresa L. McKinney-Lawrence Releases New Book, ‘In the Stillness’

Rev. Theresa L. McKinney-Lawrence
Rev. Theresa L. McKinney-Lawrence

It’s a widely-adopted belief that everyone is put on earth for a reason. For some, it’s to educate, for others, it is to nurse those in need.  For the Rev. Theresa L. McKinney-Lawrence, an associate minister at Rose of Sharon A.M.E. Church in Norwalk, it is to be what she has coined ‘Aspiritualuplift’ to all.

The Rev. McKinney-Lawrence’s new book, ‘In The Stillness: Quiet Moments of “A’ha” Reflection’ satisfies that purpose with gusto.  The collection of poems, stories, and inspirational thoughts are intended to enlighten, motivate, and possibly move the reader to look at life in a new way as well as uplift the spirit..

Also, the collection invites the reader to examine the way we treat each other and how we should be treating each other. Through poetry and thoughts, one’s self is also examined from both sides of the coin, how the world sees us as well as how we see ourselves. The book touches on the emotions of life from joy to sadness, yet bringing everything together to uplift and encourage.

“The book was inspired by the thousands of people I have ministered to during my life,” explains the author.

“I noticed that most people rush around one step behind the pace of life, and don’t fulfill their own purpose. It could be to teach, to lead or even to follow.  By reading my book, they can look at life with a new agenda that will see them personify the reason they were born in the first place.”

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Source: LA Sentinel

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