New Safety Device Called the Spartan Pepper Spray Seeks to Help Women Protect Themselves from Rape

The Spartan Pepper Spray Device
The Spartan Pepper Spray Device

Domonique Torrence is garnering national headlines with his superhero inspired safety device. The Spartan is a new personal security device that slips over the hand and straps to your wrist leaving your hands free to open doors, carry grocery bags, jog, and even ride a bike. At a moment’s notice you are able to pepper spray your attacker without fumbling for it on your keychain or at the bottom of your purse. Sales of this safety product have far exceeded the company’s expectations.With the great success, the Spartan pepper spray group believed that the company could do more for women and began brainstorming ideas that could support women’s safety.

The Spartan pepper spray team considered many options, but decided to solicit help from a few wealthy investors and cut the price of this safety device in half. Spartan spokes person states, “With rape and assaults on college campus across the U.S. at a all time high. We feel that more people should have this type of personal safety device so we wanted to make it affordable for all.”

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Source: Black News

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