Mark McGhee, Life Coaching Expert, Seeks to Change Lives with his Message

Mark McGhee, Life Coaching Expert, Seeks to Change Lives with his Message

Motivational speaker, multi-faceted consultant, and master training facilitator, Mack McGhee is opening up his speaking engagement calendar and expanding the capacity of his organization to change lives through thought-centered inspiration in problem solving. With over 20 years of experience with young people, young adults, and young and growing organizations, Mack McGhee has emerged as an expert in life situations analysis, life coaching, and consulting. Whether it is a community group, a non-profit organization, a school, or a human services agency, Mack McGhee has made a career out of helping people turn what they’ve overcome into leveragable outcomes, to turn hardships into launching pads for the future.Having seasoned his talents over the past 2 decades in a wide array of human service roles, from child and family services to in-school counseling to criminal justice, McGhee brings expertise in how to overcome obstacles, to unlock the keys to success in the midst of the most difficult of challenges, and to re-build a life of strong and well-thought out choices. Mack also brings an expertise in the area of motivational communications.

As a master motivator and speaker, Mack has addressed thousands over the past two years alone, giving over 200 speeches all across the United States at professional conferences, secondary and post-secondary commencement ceremonies, on expert panels, and has done intensive trainings and facilitations for teachers, counselors, and administrators. Mack McGhee has built up a reputation for delivering both inspiration and informative addresses that not only motivate action but educate action plans. His awe-striking presence and honest personal style of delivery help to create an ‘atmosphere of “all in”’.

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Source: Black News

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