LISTEN: James Meeks and Other Black Pastors of Chicago Got Fed Up With Democrats, Endorsed a Republican for Governor, and Won Even Rev. Jesse Jackson concedes that the Democratic Party has taken the black vote for granted. Wow! Prayer changes things!

James Meeks / Bruce Rauner
James Meeks / Bruce Rauner

A group of African American pastors in Chicago fed up with Democrats in Illinois who did not do what they promised to do as it relates to education decided to support Republican Bruce Rauner for governor of the sate. Former State Senator James Meeks lead the coalition of pastors in endorsing Rauner and some believe as a result of their endorsement, Rauner was able to defeat Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn.

Roland Martin, guest co-host Robin Robinson and the “NewsOne Now” post-midterm elections discussion panel (Orlando Watson, Judith Browne Dianis, Dr. Jason Johnson) analyze the reasons why Black pastors in Chicago backed GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner in the highly contested Illinois governors race. Plus civil rights icon, Rev. Jesse Jackson weighs in on the conversation. Listen to their conversation below.

SOURCE: NewsOne Now


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