ISIS Style Terror Attack in Fort Worth, Texas?

(Source: Fort Worth Police)
(Source: Fort Worth Police)

Fort Worth Police say they are investigating a violent slashing attack that happened in a Walmart parking lot on the 82-hundred block of Beach St. in the northern part of the city. It happened on the evening of October 29, and now they are releasing surveillance video in hopes of catching the suspect.

The video show’s a woman pushing her shopping cart towards her car when she is stalked, then attacked by a man. The confrontation led to a brief scuffle that ended up with the woman being slashed twice, according to police.

Detective Brian Raynsford said, “They don’t seem to have any concern as to whether or not people are watching,” about the suspects.

Police say the woman is expected to be okay and they are hoping the video being released will lead to an arrest.

Raynsford added, “We need the public’s help in this because this lady was just taking groceries to her car.”


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