Don’t Jaywalk in Atlanta, You Could Go to Jail For It

Don't Jaywalk in Atlanta, You Could Go to Jail For It

Georgia jails are brimming over with inmates and part of that seems to be because the Atlanta Police Department reportedly insists on arresting civilians for jaywalking. In fact, according to WSB-TV,  Atlanta’s law enforcement teams issued about 266 tickets for obstructing the roadway, which is a form of jaywalking, and many of those who received tickets were reportedly thrown behind bars.

The news outlet spoke to Johnetta Williams, who wanted to cross a street in northeast Atlanta, but instead of walking to an intersection, she took her chances walking across the middle.

Wrong move!

Unfortunately, Williams paid a hefty price for her poor judgment in front of a policeman: According to Williams, the officer said, “Oh, you’re going to walk in front of me like that?” Williams said, “I’m confused, I’m not really thinking about him, so I was like, Yeah, It’s a red light.”

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Source: Black America Web | Ruth Manuel-Logan

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