Alexandra Tweten Creates ‘Bye Felipe’ Instagram Account to Expose Men Who Harass Women Online

Alexandra Tweten Creates 'Bye Felipe' Instagram Account to Expose Men Who Harass Women Online

Alexandra Tweten created the Bye Felipe Instagram account three weeks ago so that she could compile harassing and hostile messages men send women online after being rejected or ignored. Bye Felipe is clearly a play on the dismissive phrase, “Bye Felicia,” made popular by Ice Cube and Chris Tucker in the movie “Friday.”

What the screenshots display are disturbing and violent reactions to men “not getting the time of day” from the objects of their adoration. It was this hilarious, but alarming screenshot that sparked the Instagram account @ByeFelipe. Tweten compared it to a hostile message she received on OKCupid and knew that there was a bigger message here: no matter what a woman does online, if a man feels rejected, he will retaliate with hateful words.

Maybe in the minds of these men, they think we’re supposed to feel privileged that they have given us any attention because we’re on dating sites or social media, looking for the attention in the first place. According to Tweten:

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Source: Black America Web | Danielle Young

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