18-Year-Old Saira Blair Makes History After Becoming West Virginia’s Youngest Republican Lawmaker; Pastor Says She Has a ‘Biblical World View’

(PHOTO: FACEBOOK) Saira Blair, 18, made history on November 4, 2014, by becoming West Virginia's youngest Republican lawmaker.
Saira Blair, 18, made history on November 4, 2014, by becoming West Virginia’s youngest Republican lawmaker.

Eighteen year old Saira Blair made history on Tuesday by becoming West Virginia’s youngest Republican lawmaker.

The West Virginia University freshman, who is said to be pro-life and pro-guns, defeated Democrat Layne Diehl, a 44-year-old Martinsburg attorney, by 63 percent to 30 percent, according to The Associated Press.

A third candidate received 7 percent of the vote. Blair expressed her excitement on social networking site Facebook after victoriously winning a seat in the West Virginia House of Delegates.

“When I made the decision to run for public office, I did so because I firmly believe that my generation’s voice, fresh perspective and innovative ideas can help solve some of our state’s most challenging issues,” Blair wrote. “History has been made tonight in West Virginia, and while I am proud of all that we have accomplished together, it is the future of this state that is now my singular focus.”

The fiscal conservative made headlines in May, when she was just 17, after winning the West Virginia GOP primary by an 872-728 vote margin, beating out 66-year-old incumbent Del. Larry Krump of Falling Waters.

She is the daughter of state Sen. Craig Blair, R-Berkeley, and she has campaigned on a pledge to cut taxes for businesses and believes limited government would enable economic growth and higher paying jobs.

Blair attends church every Sunday at The Church at Martinsburg, located roughly two hours from her WVU campus and her pastor described her as being interactive, “driven” and as having had a solid upbringing and a strong biblical worldview. He also weighed in on criticism that she might be “too young” for politics.

“I would say she is very personable, driven and aware. When I say aware, I don’t know that I would describe every 18 year old as having a strong sense of self awareness but I think Saira has that, and I think that’s due to her family upbringing [and] the circumstance she grew up in,” Pastor Jacob Atchley told The Christian Post.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Benge Nsenduluka

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